Patrick Lane
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Screenshot from TEAGUE Work Demo Reel -

Screenshot from TEAGUE Work Demo Reel -

My role at teague: TECHNICAL DESIGNER

With a primary focus on the aviation industry, my role as a Technical Design included the interpretation, design and implementation of client data for validation purposes.
- Interpreting client data files.
- Prototype design (engineering validation, UX testing, sales mock ups).
- Rapid prototyping (3D Printing – in-house and vendor)
- Detailed design and technical drawings for manufacture and assembly. 
- Vendor coordination and communication.
- Mock-up/validation build coordination.
- Solidworks & Rhino
- Adobe CC Suite
- Microsoft Office Suite

Point of contacts:

- Technical Design
- Industrial Design
- Mechanical Design/Engineering
- Electrical Design
- Technical Builders
- Machine Shop
- Procurement Team
- Project Managers

- Various Vendors (US & Overseas)
- Clients (Project Managers & Engineers)

Patrick is a creative thinker, designer and builder with a tremendous amount of passion to produce things that will make people’s lives better.
— Harry Hanson (Technical Design Manager)

Aviation at TEAGUE

This video captures the type of work and company culture I was a part of during my time at TEAGUE.


Details of projects I worked on at TEAGUE remain CONFIDENTIAL