Patrick Lane
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Sport Inspired Wheelchair

The MESH folding wheelchair is a design I completed at the end of my 3rd year of Industrial Design (2012) at Monash University. 
The MESH Folding Wheelchair is a perfect fusion of style, comfort and functionality for wheelchair users. 
With its strong, ultra light structure, sporty rims and vibrant green trim, this product represents 21st century design to a previously overlooked market - I know, I road-tested a rental - it was horrible.

A full scale (1:1) model was also produced as part of the project. 

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main back Final Color Output.jpg

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This full scale model was constructed primarily from wood.
The wheels are combination of an stainless steel bike wheel rim, timber, and reflective yellow vinyl. 

The seat and back rest was constructed using rubber sheeting, matte grey vinyl and a hole punch to create the "mesh" feel to the design.