"form   FOLLOWS   function"

This is the core philosophy that drives my work.  

In my view, the term 'design' represents the ability to recognise opportunities where a solution can be developed using specific design methods and skills suitable for the type of challenge at hand. This solution can be evolved from an existing product/design or requires a completely new product solution. 

Then again, no design is ever fully resolved. It is an never ending cycle of improvement of one design after another, whether they are updated versions of existing products or new. 

As an industrial designer, I believe that all functional elements of a design brief needs to be satisfied before approaching the aesthetic elements of the design. The aesthetic form should not dictate function. The core functional elements include the mechanical and practical requirements such as ergonomics and interface mapping.  It needs to satisfy the requirements of the targeted end user group and also comply with all relevant health and safety standards. 

The following is the design process I use to ensure that I come to a design solution which best meets the initial design brief: